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Ayurveda is a time tested and most experienced system in treating mankind since ages. It has effective solutions to present day life style disorders. Ayurveda treats the disease from the root level without side effects, being natural in medicines.

Welcome to Dhurva Ayurveda

Practising Ayurveda in its pure form is an ordeal. Dhruva Ayurveda was established to achieve this ordeal in 2006 by a committed post graduate, well educated and experienced Dr.Krishna Kishore Alisetty, M.D (Ayurveda).

Dhruva Ayurveda is such a hospital where you can find experienced and expertise doctors, well trained, institutionally qualified and experienced therapists and very good,top rated quality medicines of kerala pharmacies. It has full equipped to conduct all the regular and specialty panchakarma therapies along with Leech therapy and Agni karma. Many health packages to maintain health according to seasonal change are available here.

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Ayurveda focuses firstly on “ Swasthsya swasthys rakshanam” menas maintaing the health of a normal person then “ “ Athurasya vikara prashamanam”  means alleviating the diseases in a patient.
Keeping this in mind Dhruva Ayurveda is providing different health packages along with various treatments advocated in classics. At Dhruva Ayurveda, experienced doctors, therapists with enough equipment to practice all the specialities of Ayurveda like classical Panchakarma and Keraleeya Panchakarma are available to cure many ailments such as Back pain, Lumbar spondylytis, Neck pain, Cervical spondylytis, Knee pain,Osteo arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Migraine, Sinusitis etc.
Some speciality treatments like uttara vasthy in males and females to treat infertility and tubal block cases were successfully treated here.
Super specialities of Ayurveda like Ksharasutra, Leech Therapy, Agni Karma in their pure form are being practised here. Dr.Krishna Kishore Alisety M.D(Ayurveda) has nearly 2 decades of experience and the consultant Ayurvedic gynaecologist (Ladies specialist) available also has equal experience.
Swarna bindu Prashana, an unique program to develop immunity in children is carried out here with utmost care.

Panchakarma (Detoxification)

Detoxifying the body by means of five fold purification is popularly known as panchakarma. This includes vamana (emesis), virechana (Purgation), Vasthy (administering the medicine through anal route), Nasyam (nasal administration) and raktamokshana (blood letting). Dianosing the disease and treating with suitable therapy will eradicate the disease from the root level.

Sumeru chikitsa ( Spine treatment)

This is a specially formulated set of treatments advocated in Ayurvedic classics to maintain the health of spine and to treat the spine disorders like cervical spondylytis ( neck pain) and lumbar spondylytis (back pain), sciatica, L4-L5 disc problems, weakness in spine, spasms in para spinal muscles etc.

Leech therapy

Leech Therapy is recognized by US FDA. This is one type of Panchakarma, called Rakta mokshana (blood letting). Applying leeches externally at specific points on the affected body parts to cure disease by letting out a small amount of blood which is loaded with disease causing bacteria or toxins is called as Leech therapy or Hirudo therapy.


Kshara sutra is a definitive treatment to cure Fistula in ano, fissures and piles described in Ayurveda. It is described in Allopathic text books of surgery also. Because of its effectiveness in treating fistula without recurrence and is free from incontinence it has got worldwide popularity.


Traditional medicine has a holistic approach i.e., viewing man in his totality within a wide ecological spectrum and of emphasizing the viewpoint thatill-health or disease is brought about not only by the causative agent and of pathogenic evolution, but also by an imbalance or disequilibrium of man in his total ecological system.

Ayurveda, the basic science of life is the knowledge that describes or indicates the four stages of life, the appropriate and inappropriate, happy and sorrowful conditions along with what is good and bad for longevity as well as measurement of life itself.

Ayurveda is completely based on the ‘Theory of Pancha mahabuta’ and aim for equilibrium between the influences of the five elements on the five senses of body.

Vamana (Emesis)

A medicated emesis therapy, cleanses Kapha collected in the body and decongests the respiratory tract. Effective in Kapha predominant diseases, like bronchitis, asthma, severe skin diseases (psoriasis, urticaria, eczema etc.), allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, various psychological disorders etc.

Virechana (Purgation)

A medicated purgation therapy, removes toxins from the body that are accumulated in the gastro-intestinal tract. Effective in treating chronic fever, diabetes, asthma, skin disorders, paraplegia, hemiplegia, joint disorders, digestive disorders, constipation, hyperacidity, psoriasis, headache, elephantiasis and gynecological disorders.

Vajikarana Chikitsa

Sex is one of the basic instincts.

One’s sexual functioning is not only an expression of reproductive capacity and gender identity but also serves a major role in cementing the emotional bond with the primary partner. When this capacity is diminished or disrupted, the psychological implications can range from minor to catastrophic, depending on the individual history and situation. Therefore treatment of sexual dysfunction is imperative as it can have a profound effect on the well being of the individual.

The branch of Ayurveda, which deals with the management of defective semen and spermatogenesis along with sexual potencification, is called as Vajikarana tantra (Aphrodisiac medicine).

The word ‘Impotency’ is heard in many areas at present day living style as a serious problem. In many occasions it is observed stress and strainful life in urban India are the causes for such condition to develop.

Procreation and recreation are the two merits of Vajikarana Viz., gratification, positive sound health, progeny and instant pleasure. Vajikarana promotes the sexual capacity and performance; on the other hand it also improves the physical and psychological health of an individual and hence is helpful in preservation and promotion positive health.

Vajikarana makes one loving to the females, more power and sustenance in sex congress and amplifies physical strength, tissue nutrition and Ojas. By way of Vajikarana not only the person undergoing the therapy is benefited but also his grand grandsons are also empowered with the capacity of healthy procreation and generation.

In ancient days, it was a routine procedure to take some aphrodisiacs before undertaking sexual intercourse. The idea was to promote, in this way, the quantity and quality of semen along with the sexual enjoyment.

Kaya Kalpa Chikitsa

At Dhruva Ayurveda we offer pure and authentic treatment with the aim of rejuvenating the body and the spirit. We provide Kayakalpa treatment in Kerala that is unique to each individual and their body type(dosha), identifying the underlying factors in the ailment.

Kayakalpa derives its name from the sanskrit word Kaya which means body and Kalpa which means transformation.  Kayakalpa chikitsa is a prime treatment in ayurveda aimed at arresting degeneration of body cells, slowing down the ageing process, and for improving body immunity as a whole.

According to ayurveda, when the body is not harmony, it caused distress, disease and discomfort. Kayakalpa treatment in kerala focuses on curing degenerative diseases and prolonging life by harmonizing the mind, body and psyche through:

  • Purification
  • Nourishment
  • Rejuvenation

Soundarya Vardhini

In the context of Ayurveda, inner and outer beauties are intimately related. The more we nurture ourselves, the more radiant we become physically and expressively- regardless of our particular body shape or proportions. Ayurveda understands beauty as being a product of general physical health and appropriate daily care. The emphasis is onself-knowledge and development of positive routines and habits that will bring out the best in each one.

Soundarya Vardhani has been traditionally used to enhance nourishment and cleansing of tissues which makes for a glowing complexion, maintain good tone and elasticity, melt away facial tension and bodily stress, redirect subtle energies relieving stiffness throughout the body, prevent sagging of the skin; reduce the appearance of wrinkles, remove toxins, revitalize tissues and correct skin conditions.

Mukha Soundaryavardhini

Duration: 75 – 90 minutes

A facial beauty treatment to improve colour and complexion of the skin using gentle ayurvedic herbal face packs, face wash and cream. An Ayurvedic facial massage activates deep centres of the brain, reflex points and facial circulation to totally soothe the body. Tensions in the neck, shoulders and face are freed and energy is rebalanced from head to toe. Herbal extracts and essential oils may be added for their additional healing properties and pleasant fragrances.


This Ayurvedic skin care therapy includes a massage with ayurvedic-medicated oil/gel for 15 minutes followed by an application of a freshly prepared face pack. This treatment helps slow the aging process of skin, reduces wrinkles and gives the skin a better tone.

I was having Psoriasis for the past 5 years. I tried many treatments like Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda. But after taking medicines from this gentleman I saw immediate results and 80% of my problem was cured and hopefully the rest 20% will be cured till my course ends.

Subbarao KGraphic Designer, Hyderabad

I have taken a 24 day treatment for arthritis. I have experienced a positive difference of upto 70%. I am able to put my weight on my right knee (this was weaker than my left), walking straighter, less of a waddling gait. The inflammation on both my knees is completely gone. I was very happy with the professional approach of the masseurs.

Kamal SProduct Designer,

Considerably large difference experienced in my spinal cord pain and legs. Great care taken by the therapy unit team. Constant observation of my pain and relief by Doctor helped me believe in what kind of therapy I am going through. Keeping track of medicines and daily discussions with direct Doctor was a great help. Painlessness is now known to me, only after this treatment.


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